How the Pandemic is Driving a Selling Trend in Real Estate

If you still haven’t caught the latest wave in the real estate industry, then this is it. The cost of selling a house in NSW is now fetching higher numbers as “median house prices soar over $1 million” according to The news report cited homeowners wanting to leave bayside properties in favor of more land in the suburbs. In NSW, median house prices in Byron Bay. Gerroa and Burradoo are already over $2 million. Driven by lockdowns and restrictions in terms of mobility and travel, Australians are considering different housing arrangements that can help them adapt to the current pandemic. 

There are, however, people still seeking to move closer to the sea making Manly an attractive location for those looking for a respite from the current state of the world. Real estate agents in Manly NSW are still actively offering and entertaining interested parties with median property prices hitting $1.6 million for units and around $3.8 million for a 3-bedroom house. Prices have continued to soar in Manly since 2013 but 2020 prices have hovered in the same range as in 2018 and 2019 according to

Triggered by the pandemic as well, those looking to sell their property need to be aware of certain arrangements. A lot of fees are involved when computing the cost of selling a house in NSW. You have costs that go to your mortgage, repairs, and renovations, moving and logistics, as well as taxes, stamp duties, and costs for auctioneers and agents. Commissions may run up to $30,000 for a $1 million home sale in NSW. It also varies on the location.

If a house for sale in Manly NSW has a total cost of $3 million, you can expect a commission of around $75,000. Of course, you will also have costs for marketing ranging from $600 to $2,000, solicitor fees of around $1,000, and costs for remodeling or styling which can play around lower thousands to around $10,000. There may also be other things to consider which are not listed here but needs to be added to your cost. 

Finally, the cost of selling a house in NSW may also be non-financial. It also means giving up something that has been a part of you and your family’s or partner’s life. Attachment to a home is very typical and the value is even higher for those who have inherited or have occupied heritage homes. There may also be a historical value attached as well which can affect cost.

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